About Us

Changing the game for the better

   ApolloXstill is a professional design manufacturer of industrial extraction & purification equipment for botanical oils. AXS's new proprietary, disruptive design and technology has allowed for significant improvement from every standpoint: size, speed, efficiency, safety, product quality, flexibility and cost (both CAPEX & OPEX). 


   The ApolloXstill® (patent-pending) process and equipment was designed for industrial scale botanical extraction and purification. It is a turn-key cryo-ethanol extraction system that converts raw biomass to winterized crude oil in a continuous closed-loop process. In fact, it is the first true turn-key system meaning that we supply all the necessary equipment and ancillary components to take biomass to pure oil. 

   ApolloXstill® is a brand new system that combines proven methods along with new innovation that will significantly increase ROI and put your company out front of the competition. The goal of our design is to simplify the process, make it safer, increase efficiencies, increase product quality & yields, and to reduce overall costs. 

  We consider all of our clients PARTNERS and will not just provide the equipment but will be involved in every step of the way to ensure the equipment is installed and operating successfully.  This includes assisting with initial building plans, installation, training, compliance, and ongoing support. If you are interested to learn more or for a price quote, please give us a call at (949) 244-0281 or email info@apolloxstill.com