About Us

Changing the game for the better

   ApolloXstill just wants to make the world a better place.. the world of cannabis extraction that is. We are just a couple of nerds that started in 2016 in a small lab with some big ideas. After 3 years of obsessive research & development, prototype building-testing-rebuilding, and spending way too much money, we were able to finally make these pipe dreams reality. We can now say (and prove) that the new innovative ApolloXstill turn-key ethanol extraction system is the way to go from every logical standpoint: speed, size, efficiency, safety, product quality, flexibility, cost, etc.

   AXS takes the word 'turn-key' seriously. A true-turn key system should  take all the guesswork out of building a system process


   ApolloXstill® process and equipment was designed for industrial scale cannabis extraction and purification. It is a turn-key system that converts raw biomass to distillate in a continuous closed-loop process.


  The standard AXS system can process about 100 lb. of biomass per hour. It is the first true turn-key system meaning that we supply all the necessary equipment and ancillary components to take biomass to distillate. We realized that this may be the most valuable service because piecing together and sizing equipment for an optimal process flow can be a nightmare.


  AXS is a ‘pilot’ sized batch processing system (as apposed to full scale production ‘plant’) in order to maintain quality control, allow for scaleability, prevent cross contamination between batches, and minimize negative impact of downed equipment. 

 The system can be made in different sizes (50/100/300 lbs per hour). It can be built to any desired custom size to meet volume requirements. Having multiple lines prevents risk of downed equipment and allows for easy adaptation to varying volumes. 


   ApolloXstill® is a brand new system that combines proven methods along with new innovation that will put your company out front of the competition. The goal of our design is to simplify the process, make it safer, increase efficiencies, increase product quality & yields, and to reduce overall costs.

 ApolloXstill is a