Pluto is a remarkably powerful cryogenic chiller system which starts ApolloXstill off by instantaneously brining reclaimed ethanol down to -80ºC on its way to Sonic. Virtually unrivaled cooling capacity with a minimal footprint.


Sonic is a high-throughput extraction centrifuge system with a patent-pending design for optimal efficiency. Front-loading design allows for optimal solvent saturation from the first wash. GN2 vapor inlet pipe for pre-chilling biomass prior to wash (when used with Pluto). Specially constructed to withstand extreme subzero temperatures ≤-100ºC. Remote controlled pre-chill/wash/dry cycles. High speed drying maximizes yield and minimizes solvent loss.


Sputnik is a uniquely designed closed-loop industrial filtration system that connects inline between Sonic and Rocket to remove any residual particulates, fats/lipids, and other undesirable compounds. Ultimate flexibility for other remediation filtration such as color and odor removal. Designed for fast filter replacement and easy cleaning.


Rocket is a high-throughput solvent recovery system with an innovative design for uniform heat distribution and easy cleaning (GMP compliant). It is vacuum rated for evaporation at room temperature to obtain the best possible full spectrum crude.