ApolloXstill® systems consists of four major components that connect to make up a single turn-key closed-loop ethanol extraction system. Designed and engineered specifically for professional manufacturing of high quality full spectrum cannabis (CBD/THC) oil.

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Pluto is a remarkably powerful cryogenic chiller which starts the ApolloXstill system off by instantaneously bringing recycled ethanol down to -80ºC on it's way to Sonic. Virtually unmatched cooling capacity with a minimal footprint.

Sonic is heavy-duty high-speed Industrial extraction centrifuge that can withstand temperatures as low as -80ºC. Remote controlled wash/dry cycles with high speed capability (2,000+ rpm) to maximize yields and minimize ethanol loss. 

Sputnik is an inline insulated filter placed in-between Sonic and Rocket for removal of particulates, fats/lipids, and other undesirables. Ultimate flexibility for other remediation filtration such as color and odor removal. Designed for fast filter replacement and easy cleaning. 

Rocket is a high throughput solvent recovery system with an innovative design for even heat distribution and easy cleaning. It is vacuum rated for evaporation at room temperature to obtain the best possible full spectrum crude.

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